A Beginning

There are always so many thoughts swirling around in my head.  Thoughts about being a wife, a mom, a teacher, a traveler, a friend…dreams, hopes, aspirations and sometimes rants…only rants that let me vent out frustrations that otherwise would drag me down.  I am inherently a positive person.  The title of my blog (as it stands in its’ current form…it may change) is “Searching for Sunshine” and it describes how I look at life. Even though I may get frustrated at times, I am constantly looking for that ray of sunshine that will brighten the day.  The small hope that our days will not be all gray and rainy is what keeps me going.  Some days it’s hard to find the sunshine, but I am always searching, always hopeful.  This blog is personal.  I may blog about my family (they are the light of my life!), I may blog about teaching (it is my life’s calling), I may blog about food (I love to enjoy amazing meals with friends), I may blog about my travels (I am blessed to have seen many beautiful places in this world), I may blog about the Vancouver Canucks (my favourite team)…but whatever I blog about, it’s my perspective.  I don’t know if I will have any readers, but I do know that this journey will help me process all that I am experiencing.

To start this blog off, please allow me to share with you my idea of Paradise…Po’olenalena Beach on the island of Maui.  I think this is what heaven looks like. Every time I visit, I see the beauty of this place and I am reminded that I am truly blessed.  The trick is to remember those blessings on a cold, dark, gray, rainy day, because the blessings are no different…it’s just a different perspective.

2 thoughts on “A Beginning

    • Thanks for reading, Chris! It’s a rather vulnerable position to put yourself in, but one of the biggest things I learned from my students this year was the power of the audience. Their writing just blossomed when they knew they had a greater audience than me. I hope my writing will grow and change, too. I’ve had a great example in your blog!


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