Grown With Love

-Photo from @SkeeterFarm

Three years ago, I got a tweet from my dear friend, @DaniaEdibleHI saying something like: “I just got Edible Vancouver magazine and read about a CSA farm in your area. I thought you might like to check it out.” That one tweet changed our eating, and for that, I thank you, Dania. Imagine…a dear friend all the way in Maui helping change the way I look at food and feeding my family!

First question…what does CSA mean? It stands for Community Supported Agriculture. In short, we buy shares in the farm and in return we get a portion of their harvest each week for their growing season.

We have always tried to buy local produce and meat, but often convenience outweighed our thought of buying local. By purchasing a share in Skeeter Farm, I now know the value of buying and eating local. The veggies are fresher, tastier and healthier than any that I could ever buy in a supermarket! These veggies are grown with heart, soul and love. They feed my family and it is good for the local economy. I get excited to think of all the great meals I can prepare with each week’s bounty! Thank you Amy, Amanda and Patrick for helping feed us.

Here is this week’s amazing crop of veggies. Any ideas for our family menus?


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