As a teacher, my life September to June is one big crazy schedule. Keeping up with my two teenagers, having a husband who commutes to a job that requires him to have his cellphone on 24/7 (and is often called on evenings and weekends), and trying to give my all to my students and their families leaves me emotionally and physically spent by the end of the school year. I NEED my summer break to be able to start it all again in September!

As I begin my summer ritual of renewal, it affords me time to think…time to process…time to recharge. There is something to be said for just listening…to the birds…to the breeze…to lapping water…when all else is silent. There is time to be thankful for blessings, time to look forward and plan for a new year, time to release the frustration of what is out of my control. I make more time to be with my family and connect with them as much as possible. I cherish our family vacations where we can get away from everyone and everything and just hang out together having fun. And hopefully, there is time to just sit in the sunshine and soak up my surroundings, as that, for me, is healing.

For so many of us, our professional lives are spent being “on”, whether in front of our students, their parents, or our colleagues. It is my hope that we each have enough time “off” to really rejuvenate so that we have the energy to give our best to our own families and our students. They all deserve it!

-my view at Harrison Lake, BC

6 thoughts on “Time

  1. Well said. The down time is so important. The kids need it too. Sometimes I too just sit on my decliane listen to the birds and water. We really do need to reflect and recharge.

  2. Absolutely!! I don’t think people realize the intensity of scheduling that comes along w teaching. It is almost militaristic in its precision! Which is nice for some reasons, but exhausting nonetheless, especially with doing the work we do w Young Children.

    I don’t know how so many women juggle a busy home life on top of a teaching life- three cheers for those who are doing it so beautifully everyday! We all definitely need to unplug- and your spot looks ahamzing Michelle!

    • You know, Heidi, I often feel ashamed that I can’t juggle everything as well as those women who are strong enough to work full-time and look after their busy families. Perhaps I am doing exactly what I can do and this is what’s best for my family? In my life, being a mom trumps being a teacher.

      And perhaps #edcampKinder will just have to make its way west next summer! 🙂


  3. Although I do enjoy teaching and learning, there is a lot to be said for stillness. I haven’t quite got there yet but just relaxing in the sun, helps me begin to unwind. I need to find a few good fiction books to help with this! Any ideas? Your view is amazing, I always found that Harrison’s slow pace helped me to relax!

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