My Least Favourite Things

#Kinderblog2012: Question numero trois!

Tell us about your pet peeves. Do it however you want: write a list of 50 things that drive you crazy, or an essay about just one thing, or story combining several things, or write a song, or some limericks, or an epic poem. A photo essay! A slideshow! Video journalism! Stand up comedy! The sky is the limit, just tell us what grinds your teeth as a teacher (or an administrator, or a program director, or in whatever capacity you are joining this challenge.) (Yeah, parentheses again. I think I need an intervention.) Be careful: your blog is public, and you never know who is reading. Be positive and professional, but tell the truth. You can do it.

Thanks to a fabulous idea from @happycampergirl, my contribution to #kinderblog2012 comes in the form of a song. Please sing along to the tune of “My Favourite Things” from The Sound of Music. Julie Andrews voice is optional.

My Least Favourite Things

Boogers on noses
And yogurt in tubes
Whining, complaining and
Tying up shoes
Kindies that cry when they don’t want to sing
These are a few of my least favourite things!

Girls who wear dresses with long and loose sashes
Boys who put lunches in places, not trashes
Parents who carry their children like kings
These are a few of my least favourite things!

Colleagues that snicker when I am a’tweeting
Admins who drag out the weekly staff meeting
Doing my duty when it’s pouring down rain
Why did I become a teacher again?

When the sun shines
When the lesson’s great
When I’m feeling glad
I simply remember my least favourite things
And then I just feel real bad!

-with inspiration from @happycampergirl and help from @ForceUserDave and @TequTech 🙂

18 thoughts on “My Least Favourite Things

  1. You win the internets. For real. I had a smile on my face while reading it, and I could hear the song playing in my head. Love it.

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