“Mom…You Were Right!”

Part of being a parent is (I hope) being wiser than your children and being able to impart knowledge and understanding you have gained from your own life experiences. My husband and I have two teenage sons and I am so grateful that we have an open, honest line of communication with them. That’s not to say that we always agree…far from it, but we do have enough love and respect in our home to listen to each other and agree to disagree if necessary.

Whatever the situation, my husband and I have to trust that we have done the best job possible in raising our boys and have given them the tools to make good decisions. Knowing that, in the end, if they fall flat on their faces, they will hopefully have learned something from that experience to help them make better choices.

Recently, our older son came to me and said, “Mom…you were right!” What I was right about is irrelevant, but I will say it was a pretty big life lesson. I smiled at him and gave him a huge hug…not because he admitted I was right, but because he had obviously come through a tough situation, learned from it and gained wisdom. And after all, isn’t at what life is all about?

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