My Dream Job

#Kinderblog2012: Question numero quatre!

If you had to quit teaching tomorrow, what would you do instead?

Something other than teaching? Really? I’ve never seriously considered anything other than teaching as a career. Sure, I’ve joked about it, but deep down, teaching is it for me. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have “dream” jobs, so here is my dream.

I would LOVE to be a travel agent. You know the kind that get to go and try out the resorts, restaurants, activities and cruises so they can book them for their clients? I’m sure this is all made-up in my mind and it doesn’t actually exist as a real job, but I really LOVE helping people plan their vacations. Perhaps you may have read My Guide to Maui that I posted few days ago? That guide has come from many years of very careful “research.”

Sitting on many beaches to see which one to recommend is a job, isn’t it? I can only write about the BEST, so I must set out to find the best!

-Po’olenalena Beach on the island of Maui…my favourite spot in the whole world!

Exploring many hotels and condos is a must if I am to direct my clients to the ones most suited their needs and wants, isn’t it?

-the beautiful Bellagio fountains, Las Vegas

Eating is a huge part of every vacation, and it is only fitting that I have tried each and every establishment before I give it the seal of approval?

-Trout Almondine from Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris, Las Vegas…so delicious!

Seeing all there is to see at a destination thrills me…because I’m only doing this for my clients, right?

-my son and I on the Great Wall of China…such a surreal experience to have his band play ON THE WALL!

Looking for the best value in any aspect of a vacation really excites me! When friends or acquaintances ask for help in planning a trip, it REALLY is my pleasure to give you the results of my many years of research. I am happy to share my experiences and what has enriched my life and if I haven’t been where you are going, I enjoy researching what you could do on your trip… for future reference for my travels, of course!

For me, vacations are a time to disconnect from the world, to concentrate on your travel companions and your relationship with them, and to create memories to last a lifetime. In planning vacations, I anticipate the laughter, the adventure and the relationship-building that will take place. And even though I’m not really a travel agent, I hope that any suggestions I have given have been taken and used with the knowledge that it brings me joy to hear about YOUR travels and experiences. If even one tidbit of advice I gave can help you have a better vacation, then I have done my job.

Happy traveling everyone! 🙂

10 thoughts on “My Dream Job

  1. Lol, love your travel agent dreams. I bet you’d be a fantastic one! 🙂
    Will be coming to you to help me book my vacation whenever I get time/money for said vacation lol!

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