Find Your Tribe And Create A Movement – Reflections on #ConnectEdCA Part 2

As I have written many times before, #kinderchat is where I found MY PEOPLE. I had spent so many year being an unconnected teacher, I was losing interest and passion for teaching. It felt like I was in a black hole with little feedback from or relationships with other teachers. Half day kindergarten will do that to you and I spent many years feeling disconnected and lonely in a building full of people.

Enter #kinderchat. The full story of why I love #kinderchat can be found here, but I will give you the short version again. #kinderchat is a community of teachers, administrators and parents who make me feel like I am not alone. We may disagree on occasion, but we have developed and built caring, respectful working and personal relationships with one another. Why would I go to Las Vegas to meet people I haven’t met in real life? Why would I go to ConnectEdCA when I was the only teacher from my district attending (and meeting new people TERRIFIES ME!)? I went because of #kinderchat. They are MY PEOPLE. They are MY TRIBE. We have created a MOVEMENT together, and to have the opportunity to meet face to face every so often is a really meaningful event. #kinderchat was started by @happycampergirl and @hechternacht, but #kinderchat is a growing MOVEMENT that wants to make positive change in Early Childhood Education.

Derek Sivers: How to start a movement

Dean Shareski (pictured below with @MmeKathleen, @learningmurd, me and @happycampergirl) tweeted the following:

Dean, we will take that as a compliment! We ARE a formidable bunch not because each of us is that inspiring (or scary 😉 ), but we are all BETTER TOGETHER. In #kinderchat, relationships matter.


Have YOU found YOUR TRIBE yet?

Seth Godin: The tribes we lead

*Thank you to George Couros for the link to Seth Godin’s TEDtalk.*

6 thoughts on “Find Your Tribe And Create A Movement – Reflections on #ConnectEdCA Part 2

  1. Have not met any #kinderchat f2f, but feel support and connectedness strongly, Relationships count and this one works so well for me.

  2. So funny to hear you say that meeting new people terrifies you – I watched you “work the room” at ConnectEd, thinking “She is SO MUCH better at this than me!”

    It was indeed an amazing weekend, made so much better by spending it with My People. So glad it all came together. xoxo

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