The Power of Social Media

The most unbelievable thing happened yesterday that is a beautiful illustration of the power of social media. Yesterday I wrote a post entitled “Reach for the Stars” about how Commander Chris Hadfield had influenced my son David’s decision to become an astronaut. As I was tweeting the link, I also tweeted it specifically to @Cmdr_Hadfield to acknowledge him.

After I sent that tweet our family went off to a BBQ at Harrison Lake where we had no cell service. It was time for me to be with my family and I was happy to unplug and be with them. I didn’t think that my tweet to Commander Hadfield would be noticed, let alone rock my world! After we came back within range of cell service I thought I’d check to see if at had any twitter messages…there were MANY from people who do not follow me. I checked my blog…also many comments from people who do not follow me! Then I checked my blog stats. By 9pm last night over 3700 people had read that blog post. WHAT?!? I’m usually lucky if I have 100 views per post! As of writing this post, OVER 5300 people have read my post!

Then David came into the room and said “Mom, did you SEE THIS?!?”

I was stunned. Apparently Commander Hadfield had not only READ my blog post, but he also SHARED it out on his social networks! His Twitter, Facebook and Tumbler all had links to my blog and I didn’t even know it because I wasn’t @mentioned on Twitter (which lets me know there is a message for me or a response to my tweet) and I had been out of cell range and couldn’t check Twitter or Facebook all evening.

Because of this one act of kindness in posting about my blog, Commander Hadfield has helped bring positive, encouraging comments for David from all over the world! Thank you, Commander Hadfield for sharing our story, and thank you for being such a wonderful role model for all of us.

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