We Love To Tweet!

As a companion to our book To Tweet Or Not To Tweet…A Guide To Tweeting With Early Learners, Liane and I had our students write a children’s book that teachers could use with their classes to introduce the “rules” of tweeting in Kindergarten and Grade One. Teaching appropriate use of Social Media to young learners will hopefully help our students be more careful and thoughtful as they mature and use social media by themselves when they are teenagers. We hope that our two books will help those teachers contemplating the use of this Social Media tool in their classrooms, and hope that the connections they subsequently make will enrich their students’ learning as much as it has ours. We have found that using twitter with our classes has brought a wealth of learning opportunities to our students, and have appreciated the connections we have made that would otherwise have been impossible without the use of this technology.

This book was written by my class, the KinderPals, and was illustrated by Liane’s class, @KinderLoeppky.  We made the book using the Book Creator App, and published on issuu.com.  The next step is to send our book to the iBook store to make it available to the public, and I will update this blog post as that link becomes available.

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