Real Life

Lately most of my free time has been consumed with my EDCI 335 studies. Any spare time is spent reading, writing and commenting on my own and other people’s work. But in the next two weeks, something far more important (to me) takes top priority in my free time…my boys.

They, of course, will always be #1 in my book, but when I have school work to do, thankfully they are understanding (as is my husband, Shawn) and extremely supportive. These next two weeks, however, I must give my focus back to them as my boys prepare to perform Shrek the Musical at their school.

Some of you may remember that I wrote a blog about my son, David, wanting to try out for the part of Shrek…he did, and he got it! My younger son, Matthew, also auditioned for a part and he is now Pinocchio. They even break dance in the show!

So, over the next two weeks I will be that mom who will try to fit in her studies between making sure her boys are fed, listened to, cared for and supported as they do their full days at school and six hours of rehearsal time each night at the theatre (they arrived home from school at 11pm last night). I am so proud of all they have accomplished and can’t wait to see this huge project come to life on stage. Six months of rehearsal with only two short weeks to go…excitement is building!

The biggest trick will be to see if I can hold back the tears as the final curtain closes. I am so proud of my boys!

5 thoughts on “Real Life

  1. Good for you Mum!! I hope you are able to enjoy the show and support your boys to follow their passions and be successful. Last term I wrote a good few blog posts from the rehearsals of a show my daughter was in. Wish I was closer to bring my daughter to see the show! Enjoy!

    • Thanks so much, Jane! I will have to go back and check out your blogs about your daughter’s show. Theatre is a really special program, isn’t it? There is a o much to learn from the directors, cast and crew in regards to working together towards a project.

  2. I can totally relate Michelle. While neither of my son’s will be playing the part of Shrek in a play anytime soon, they do play the part of ogres at home at times and as trying as it can be…it’s easily the best part of my life.
    It’s been a tough slog over the first month, trying to keep everything in balance, but good for you for putting your priorities straight and being present for your family when they need you the most. So much of what we do as parents and teachers is for others, so the fact you need a little “you” time, is completely understandable.
    Enjoy the play, but most of all…enjoy your family.
    Great post!…as always 😉
    – Jake

    • Thanks Jake! Yes, we have had many ogre moments over the years, but as my boys have grown I have been so grateful that they still want me involved in their lives. It’s pretty cool to be able to hang out backstage with their friends and be a welcome member of the crew.

      Enjoy your ogres…they grow up so darn fast!

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